Hey there, I'm Eveline.

But you can call me Eef

Amsterdam based Designer

About me

So, I’m Eef. An enthusiastic designer with a unique blend of skills and experience. I have an educational background and five years of experience in Marketing and Communication. Recently, I moved towards my passion for design by completing an UI Design Course. I love designing and I am excited to take the next step in my career.

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My Skills and Services

My educational background and diverse work experience combined with my passion for design make that I can offer a full end-to-end product solution. I enjoy bringing ideas to life with visually stunning and user-focused creations.

  • Graphic Design

    From brand and logo design to personal presents, I love to design graphics that are creative and fun.

  • UI/UX Design

    Designing digital products is a new found passion of mine. With experience in UX, adding UI Design has ignited a passion.

  • Marketing & Communication

    My expertise. I studied Communication Science and I have five year work experience.

  • Project Management

    Project management and organising events is a big part of my job as Community Manager which I enjoy very much.

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Latest Projects

View some of my latest projects.

Rebranding Project Cider Label

Graphic Design

Three Cider bottles with label 'Arrow Cider'

Label Design Olive Oil

Graphic Design

Olive oil bottle with designed label

Logo Design Dutch Doormat Brand

Graphic Design

Brand logo for dutch design, red key and the dutch words 'op het matje'

Prototype Mobile Website

UI Design

Preview of an iphone screen with app design, black and white image of a building.
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Creative Side Projects

Next to professional design projects, I also make other designs, like goodbye gifts.

Gift voucher


Image of a gift voucher of a cabin and information of the nature cabin.

Goodbye Present


Image with a background of new york and a poster stand with a call a laywer theme.

Goodbye Present


Image with multiple coloured background, the letters NYC and blurred out photos filling the letters.

Card Design


A hand holding a yellow post card that has sunflowers on it and says 'you are my sunshine'.
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